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Fay Agathangelou


Fay Agathangelou

Name: Fay Agathangelou

Instagram name: fayagathangelouphotography

Camera: DSLR

About you:

I am an enthusiastic photographer and all-round creative person. Photography is my favourite way of exploring places, making friends and having fun. It is a life-enriching experience.

While I enjoy photographing just about anything, I am particularly passionate about the natural environment. I love being immersed in nature; it is a beautiful place to be. My favourite subjects to photograph include fungi, flowers and landscapes.

I enjoy making connections and bringing people together. I am administrator of the WA Social Photographers Network, where I organise regular photography events.

Orange Pop.
Bright orange flower that pops
Autumn Glow.
Magical scene captured on a smoky Autumn afternoon.
The Special Two.
Two very cute mushrooms.

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